Finding the Best Place for a Bamboo Gazebo

Bamboo Gazebo

Finding the best place for a bamboo gazebo may seem childishly easy. In fact, you most likely already selected the perfect spot for the lovely structure. However, choosing the right location is highly important and there are several factors that should be taken into account before you start constructing a gazebo. It is possible to relocate it later if you think that it may look better or be more practical in another place but you can save yourself a lot of work, time and money by determining the best place for your bamboo gazebo before even purchasing one.

Where to put your bamboo gazebo depends on several factors. Firstly, you should take into account its size and purpose. Bamboo gazebos come in virtually all possible sizes which makes them useful for creating a personal retreat at your garden or backyard, as a storage for your garden tools, to give your garden an additional appeal, to enclose a hot tub or a part of your garden and create more privacy, or to use it for backyard parties and hosting your guests when the weather permits.

Both the size and purpose of your bamboo gazebo should be taken into account when choosing the best place for it for several reasons and the first one is convenience. For example, if you want to use the gazebo for hosting your guests you probably do not want to place it too far from your home because it would require long walks to get your guest a glass of water. However, if you would like to use it as a private retreat, and a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden you should probably place it further from your patio and find a place that has the best view of your beautiful flowers. An even better place is at the pond if having one because all gazebos are absolutely adorable near a pond. Of course, you should place it near your garden too if you intend to use it to store your garden tools. If your bamboo gazebo is intended to beautify your garden, you most likely already have a perfect spot for it but it may be worth to keep in mind that it will look even more beautiful if you grow climbing roses or other climbing plants on it.

Bamboo Gazebo

Potential problems with neighbours and building regulations are another two factors that should be kept in mind when choosing the right location for your bamboo gazebo. Your neighbour may not be happy if you put your gazebo too close to property boundary which is why it is worth to check both your local building regulations as well as with your neighbour to avoid potential conflicts. You probably do not need any building approval for a small bamboo gazebo but neighbours can cause problems for even lesser things they consider to be too close to the property boundary.

If you follow the above mentioned tips and if you already have an established garden or backyard, finding the best place for your bamboo gazebo should not be a problem because bamboo withstands just about everything including direct sunlight, rain, snow and even hail as well as termites and other insects if properly treated for wood-boring insects. But if you are still designing your garden, you should take some time and choose the location for your gazebo very carefully if you do not want to adjust your garden design to the gazebo. A potential relocation takes a lot of work and time or money if hiring an expert to do the job. In addition, there is a great chance that your bamboo gazebo will not look as beautiful as before if partially or completely dismantled and then reassembled.