Advantages of Bamboo Gazebos over Gazebos made of other Materials

Bamboo Gazebo

Gazebo has a long history and remains very popular as an outdoor living space, typically in the garden or backyard providing its owner a peaceful corner to relax as well as to host his/her guests. Gazebos were originally made of wood both due to its aesthetic appeal as well as availability. In the 19th century became also available gazebos made of metal and recently, bamboo although the latter has been used as a construction material in East Asia and the Pacific for thousands of years.

The size, shape and design play an important role in the selection of a gazebo but the importance of the material should not be underestimated either. All gazebos look beautiful when new but the choice of material often plays the key role in the beauty of the gazebo over the years and its durability as well as convenience - in first place maintenance, repair and protection from the weather effects. Of course, the quality of manufacture is highly important as well.

Bamboo gazebos have become increasingly popular throughout Europe due to numerous advantages of bamboo over other types of materials. Gazebos are meant to be left outdoors both during heat, cold and rain which means that the material the structure is made of needs to withstand the effects of the weather. And there are also the termites and other insects that can cause a substantial damage to the wood that remains the most popular material for gazebos. According to most people, wood is the most beautiful of all available materials because it tends to blend with the nature unlike metal that is perceived as cold although a metal gazebo can be very beautiful as well. However, bamboo gazebos are not inferior neither to wood nor metal in any aspect. In fact, bamboo has several advantages over other two materials which also explains why so many people prefer bamboo over metal and even wood.

Bamboo Gazebo

Bamboo is a natural material just like wood but there are several major differences between bamboo and wood in favour of the first. It is extremely durable but unlike wood, it does not require any kind of protection from the effects of the weather nor insects once treated for wood-boring insects. Bamboo can withstand strong sunlight, rain, snow, cold temperatures and even hail. Wood, on the other hand, is durable as well but most types of wood need protection against the weather effects which means that a wooden gazebo needs to be painted at least once a year. Another major advantage of bamboo over wood is the fact that it does not lose its colour over time, while wood does. This means that a bamboo gazebo will looks as new for a number of years without any maintenance or special care.

How about metal? Well, metal is the most durable of all three materials but it is not resistant to the effects of the weather either and needs protection against rust. In addition, it does not have the same appeal as natural materials.